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It’s good to be with our Bukit Gombak residents, many who greeted me with wide smiles and gave me the thumbs-up. Thank you Bukit Gombak and Chua Chu Kang GRC residents for welcoming me back to serve you. Thank you for the privilege and opportunity to journey with you again. There’s much to be done in the next five years. Let’s join hearts and hands to write the next chapter together. For Chua Chu Kang, for Bukit Gombak, for this is our home where our hearts belong.

Dear Residents,

It is a privilege and blessing to be part of the Bukit Gombak and Chua Chu Kang family. Over the years, we have become friends and shared many hopes and dreams together. Like a family, we feel the intensity of the Covid-19 crisis that Singapore is facing now.

Yet, in the past 9 days, I have seen and felt the warmth, courage and sincerity of many Bukit Gombak residents. We have seen the best of our residents when many came forward to help and encourage our healthcare and essential workers. As we battle the storm, some residents have had to adapt to new jobs. It is not easy but there’s a resilience in Bukit Gombak that we can be proud of.

I hope to be able to continue the journey with you. This is the place where you and your children can continue to build your hopes and dreams. I am committed to building a brighter tomorrow for Bukit Gombak. To improve lives, sustain jobs and secure a future for you and your family.

Together, we will build a strong and resilient Bukit Gombak. Together, a better home for all.

Was at Bukit Gombak MRT before dawn this morning and met the early-risers heading to work and school. Enjoyed the cool air and friendly morning greetings from residents - familiar faces like Uncle Tony whom I got to know at a popular neighbourhood coffeeshop. He has a lovely baritone and showed his support for me by crooning an Elvis Presley favourite, “Love me tender” along the sidewalk. It’s such a nice way to start the day. Thank you, Uncle Tony!

I was also thrilled to meet Little Ler Xuan whom I knew 9 years ago when she was born. She’s truly a Bukit Gombak “born-and-bred baby” who now attends a primary school in our estate. Her mom and grandma were bringing her to school when I caught sight of them near the MRT. I am so encouraged to see Ler Xuan growing up into a sprightly young girl. These are the kind of milestones that continue to spur me on to serve our Bukit Gombak family.

It was lovely catching up with Hillgrove residents, many of whom I have gotten to know very well from our monthly Bukit Gombak walks. It was good to see them again as we had not have our walks since the Circuit Breaker.

I am looking forward to the time when we can re-start the monthly walks again. Thank you for your encouragement and support.

The children and residents in Keat Hong-Axis never fail to cheer me up with their bright smiles and friendly welcome. I hope to see the young children grow up in this vibrant and lively estate. This is the home and place where they can build their dreams and future. This is also where their parents and grandparents can live active and healthy lives. Together, we can make Keat Hong Axis a delightful place for all.

Residents from Goodview Gardens are excited about the biggest garden next to them, especially the few blocks that are right next to the park.

I took the chance to update them that the new Bukit Gombak Park is now 85% completed and is slated to open this year. For those with green fingers, they are already planning what to plant in the community garden. For those with dogs, they are thinking of the games they can play with their fur friends.

There’s so much in store for Goodview Gardens residents, and I hope to have a date with you all at Bukit Gombak Park!